• Art/Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Illustration

Creative Direction and Design for SearchOn — Google's largest digital event for 2020.

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On October 15 2020, Google broadcast ‘SearchOn’ to the world — a live-streamed event dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations in Google Search and its technologies. Coming out of a series of commissions with Google’s Events and Experiences Team, Little Troop were brought in as Creative Directors for the 35-minute film from pre to post production; informing everything from live footage art direction and motion concepts to type, color and overall graphic treatments for product integration.

As a first step, Little Troop established the overall look and feel of the event identity, and how the graphic world would come to life through animation.

Taking the iconic Google Sans as a base, we added Apercu Mono as a supporting typeface for its academic, technical feel.

Bright pops were used as secondary colors as a fresh support to the core four Google colors.

As a subtle nod to the Search functionality, Little Troop created a simple ‘type’ and ‘blinker’ device to apply to all typographic motion seqences.

Little Troop’s role heavily involved taking complex and often abstract information and distilling it down into simple, clear and engaging animated content.

To allow Google’s UI to remain hero within product demonstrations, we designed a reductive, minimal treatment as a container for all product moments.

Creative Directors Little Troop Google Team Daniel Chandler Jess Marak Salam Darwaza Chris Hsu Director of Motion Nicolo Bianchino Motion Partners Joyce Ho, Not Real and Ordinary Folk

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