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  • Naming
  • Digital Design
  • Packaging
  • Social
  • Copywriting
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Cliik is a new home-storage company bringing creativity and joy to the home organization category. Little Troop was commissioned to create every detail of the design and marketing for the company’s launch — from naming, strategy and identity to packaging, art direction and web.

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Naming and Identity

As a first step, LT named the company “Cliik” as a playful nod to the magnetic click of the containers — the product’s key differentiator.

Launching with a collection of modular containers that felt equal parts mid-century and space-age, Little Troop looked to the fun-meets-functional world of 1970s retrofuturism to inform the brand identity and overall tone.

The final word mark, round and square in tandem, was created to reflect the feeling of the product — fun, toy-like and chubby, contrasted with a sharpness to reflect its functionalism.

Mr. Cliik — the brand mascot and mini representation of the joy that Cliik brings — was built from the first two letters of the logo, flipped on their side to create a smiling face and a container, mid-click.

Inspired by 1980s Lego advertising, Little Troop created an ongoing portrait series to hero ‘happy Cliik customers' proudly showing off their Cliik container collections. The series brought in a level of warmth, humor and humanity into an otherwise sterile category, and allowed the brand to lean into everyday, real and inspiring use-cases in a way that felt distinct from its product photography.


Little Troop commissioned photographer Luca Venter to shoot a mix of back-lit product shots, a Cliik customer portrait series and a collection of in-use images shot in everyday home environments.

Three different photography styles gave the product a range of contexts and looks.


Little Troop designed the container's packaging in 100% recycled clear plastic — to ensure the real product could be seen on-shelf, and as an additional nod to the brand's retrofuturist roots.

Produced at four sizes, the Cliik packaging brings back transparent packaging as a way to hero the product.

Left: A look at Cliik's transparent packaging by @summermckeen Above: Cliik packaging for Yowie Store launch, Philadelphia

Branded tissue paper — included in every Cliik order.

The Cliik shipping box — pictured above in Melbourne, Australia.

Social Content

Little Troop was commissioned to create lo-fi photo and video content for the brand's social launch — bringing together straightforward in-use imagery with more off-the-wall, playful video content.


The Cliik website brings together all of the brand's visual ingredients into a no-nonsense shopping experience that echoes the company's mantra of 'less mess, more joy'.

A streamlined purchase flow from homepage to checkout allows for easy product comparison across size and color — delivering product education at every level. Throughout the site, bespoke illustrative animations and interactive hotspot moments communicate the product's standout and propriety features (the magic of the magnets!). A combination of high production and lo-fi 'real-life' videos demo the products various uses and contexts. The site was developed by Laurton Digital as a custom headless commerce solution, with Shopify powering checkout and product data.

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