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With a goal to recruit new consumers, Clinique commissioned LT to create an evergreen “Meet the Minis” campaign, bringing a fresh new lens to their iconic miniatures.

The Brief

Little Troop’s ask was to leverage the legacy brand’s existing market awareness of Minis, while finding additional incentives outside of the cuteness factor, to inspire trial and purchase. The final outcome needed to be fun, engaging and evergreen, and use non-specific product illustration for its global roll-out of ever-changing product.

The final concepts brought together carefully crafted copywriting, illustration and animation to focus on Mini’s multiple benefits.

“Same magic, just mini”, the campaign highlighted the petite yet “power-packed” products as perfect for “trials, travel, and touch-ups" — with bold and joyful graphics that amplified the product as eye candy.

Concepts were created using a diverse mix of mediums — from watercolors and hand-cut paper, to digital illustrations and animation.

The final concept chosen above focussed on product travel benefits, and was rolled out digitally and in retail across Clinique's global advertising channels.

Design Support Pauline Esguerra

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