• Brand Identity
  • Art/Creative Direction
  • Naming
  • Copywriting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video
  • Packaging
  • Social

Full-service design for the launch of OffCourt — a men’s high-performance body care brand.

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OffCourt is a new performance body brand designed specifically for the needs of active men — scientifically formulated to alleviate the negative effects that frequent exercise and sweat have on a man’s body, hair and skin. We designed every touchpoint of the brand — from naming, branding and packaging through to art direction, film and social.

Brand Identity

Inspired by the Swiss, technical and utilitarian graphics of 70s sports advertising, the identity leans brutalist in tone, referencing a brand “built for need”.

For OffCourt’s launch film, Little Troop commissioned friend and director Jarod Taber to create a narrative that captures each product and their use-cases, in real-life scenarios.

Art Direction

Capturing both mid and post-workout moments, along with product demonstrations, art direction focussed on balancing movement with restraint — positioning the product as seamlessly fitting into an active lifestyle.

We also kept people anonymous, capturing body-only poses — allowing for all focus to be on skin and product and establishing relatability based on lifestyle rather than physical appearance.


Little Troop worked closely with the OffCourt team to design all product packaging from conception to production.

Design-driven with a focus on ease and speed of use, and a clear need to feel accessible and light to carry, we aligned each product to look and feel like “body fuel meets sporting equipment’.


Little Troop soft-launched OffCourt with a ‘sneak-peak’ Instagram feed and Sign-Up holding page.

Director Jarod Taber Photography Emiliano Granado DP Austin Kearns Editing and Color Austin Bailey

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