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Meet Organic Basics, a Danish, sustainable clothing company founded in 2015. OB approached Little Troop to help re-launch the company globally in 2023 — with a sparkling new identity, website, packaging, copy and art direction.

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The Brief Little Troop was briefed to rebrand the company in a way that unveiled the core of OB’s DNA — a brand led by positivity, honesty and with classic design roots. They also saw an opportunity to evolve and expand their Millennial audience to lean younger — to create a brand that felt inspiring through bringing in uniqueness, play and character.

The ultimate challenge was to create a utilitarian brand that could flex in feel for a younger audience — moving between the simple, basic and calm, to more expressive and imperfect. The final outcome from LT was a brand that could feel fluid, human and layered, and explored spectrums — where newness and hyper-creativity could meet analog, nostalgia and back-to-basics.

The Organic Basics Wordmark The OB wordmark began as a classic serif with nods to iconic outdoor recreation companies from the past. Customized with tighter letter spacing and exaggurated, extended moments, the letterforms overlap to create an alternate version of the logo that allows the brand to flex from clean and restrained, to chaotic and youthful.

The Organic Basics Logo The OB logomark (or “OB butterfly) was created as an artful representation of the letters “OB” — and as a symbol of new beginnings, transformation and hope.

Typographic System The OB type system brings together Tex Gyros, a utilitarian sans-serif with Feature, a serif originally designed for editorial publishing. With both offering regular and condensed families, the two fonts merge functional with editorial and are designed to be used interchangeably and mixed together in-line,

Color Palette The OB color palette is restrained and boldly stripped “back to basics” with black, white and a single bright pop of spring green, the symbol of nature, new life, youth and hope.

Brand Illustrations A series of loose, rudimentary brand illustrations were created by Little Troop to communicate OB’s product offering and brand values in a way that felt human, special and loaded with personality. From a wide-eyed sock to a pair of big-mouthed friends in flower and sweater form, the illustrations act as mini OB brand ambassadors that reinforce the brand’s environmental, ethical and social sustainability messaging — and continue to be expanded on by OB’s internal design team as the brand evolves.

Hangtag The OB hangtags — printed with foil stamps on contrasting uncoated stock — were stripped back to black and white, to compliment the brand's entire product range.

Designed to constantly evolve and bring new life with each iteration — re-drawn in multicolors, inflated to 3D, or represented in glass — the OB logo system has been created as a timeless, yet ever-changing, fresh and fluid marker of the brand.

Ecommerce Photography Guidelines Little Troop was additionally commissioned to create a set of guidelines for the brand’s e-comm photography — detailing recommendations for elevating product, amplifying unique selling propositions and strengthening product advertisin


Following directly on from the rebranding effort, Little Troop was asked to bring the OB website up-to-date with the brand's new aesthetic, while retaining it's existing architecture and structure. Over the course of the redesign, Little Troop was able to work-in in a fully redesigned floating navigation system, About Us content pages and new upsell moments on the Product Detail Page and Cart.

Photography Creative Direction Magnus Naddermier Web Development Black Lemon

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