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Creative Direction, Branding and Design for Google I/O '21 — Google's largest event in 2021.

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On May 18 2021, Google broadcast its 2-day annual developer conference, I/O. The event this year was made virtual — with its regular attendance of over 5,000 developers and thought-leaders, being taken online. Coming out of a series of commissions with Google’s Events and Experiences Team, Little Troop were brought in to create the event’s visual identity and oversee design across all motion, graphic and typographic applications. We teamed up (again!) with our good friend Nicolo Bianchino, who was brought in as Director of Motion, to expertly bring it all to life in animation.

As a first step, Little Troop established the overall look and feel of the event identity, and how the graphic world would come to life through animation.

Google core color highlights and spot illustrations were used to bring life to headlines.

I/O’s 2021 graphic language celebrates the developers’ conference ‘building’ focus and the original 'Input/Output' translation of I/O — using transitional linework within both graphic and typographic animations, as a nod to the graphic vernacular of coding.

Animation brings this idea to life through a linework “input” state (the coding framework) that is activated to reveal an“output” filled state (the finished build).

Applied to everything from conceptual and data vis animations, typographic transitions, product demonstrations and conference collateral, the concept created a cohesive visual thread for all branded elements to work under.

The I/O logo deconstructs into its geometric forms, each abstracted as a playful storytelling device to reference the conference’s digitally-connected global community.

The logo’s iconic forms are re-interpreted for a wide range of functions throughout the conference collateral — from character storytelling (inspired by Herb Lubalin's Families logo) and interactive games, to location identification and utilitarian iconography.

Re-interpreting Google’s iconically rudimentary use of color and form, Little Troop’s task was to package up I/O 2021 in a way that felt equal parts fresh and familiar — elevating and complementing the conference content, with fresh eyes.

Using abstracted shapes from the conference graphic identity, a series of extended title sequences was created with our good friend, Nicolo Bianchino.

Creative Directors Little Troop Google Team Daniel Chandler Jess Marak Salam Darwaza Chris Hsu Director of Motion Nicolo Bianchino Motion Partners Buck, Oddfellows, Giant Ant and Benjamin Hill Digital Partner Instrument

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