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Meet Rocco, The Super Smart Fridge. Little Troop was commissioned to create every detail of the design and marketing for the new company’s launch — from naming and identity to art direction, styling, packaging and web.

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The Brief Rocco is a New York-founded smart appliances company creating the first breakthrough in drinks technology in over 30 years.

The challenge was to create a brand that brought this tech focus into a world that felt covetable, warm and inviting enough to create an entire shift in consumer behavior.

Naming & Identity Tasked with naming the brand as a first step, Little Troop came up with Rocco: a memorable, charming nod to the Italian roots of its designer.

The final identity takes notes from the ordered, geometric worlds of home appliance brands from decades past, re-imagined in animation to mimic the continual, ever-changing movement within the product.

Typographic System & Color Palette The Rocco typographic system pairs Alte Haas Grotesk, a friendly yet utilitarian sans “that looks like printed in an old Josef Müller-Brockmann book” with Century Schoolbook Regular and Mono, a warm serif, designed in 1924 as an “easy-to-read font for use in textbooks”. Rocco’s color palette brings in three soft pastels as a subtle, sophisticated pop of color.

Above: Launch teaser for social — part of a launch package Little Troop created for Instagram.

Art Direction Rocco’s art direction mixes high and low — with graphic, ordered, utilitarian product imagery showcasing the high tech of Rocco, alongside loose, candid, lo-fi lifestyle imagery showcasing Rocco in real homes.

Video Art Direction A series of functional "in-use" video snapshots were shot in-studio, created to provide a polished, utilitarian look at the more product-focussed side of Rocco.

Packaging The Rocco shipping box showcases "How to Unpack and Install" instructions on the outside of the box, for quick and easy assembly for new customers.

A set of custom circular playing cards that doubled as drink coasters were designed as a complimentary gift for every new Rocco purchase.


The culmination of the entire brand in a warm and inviting space, the Rocco site was designed for further brand discovery, to inspire use and provide a fast path to pre-order and purchase. The site combines in-home photography, product feature video demos and highlights customer satisfaction and publisher recognition to provide new users with a full picture of this first-to-market product.

Users are welcomed with lifestyle photography in a range of homes, showcasing Rocco as a piece of beautiful furniture, rather than appliance.

The scroll-triggered interactive video module highlights Rocco's propriety features, highlighting the fridge's unique features and uses with a fresh, new approach.

The product detail page goes deep in detail with Rocco's 'best bits' video moment, tech specs and UGC social content.

Photography Christina Stoever + Plainsight Studios Video Plainsight Studios Design Support Pauline Esguerra Website Development Laurton Digital

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