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Re-brand and web design for Lorton Entertainment — a Film and TV production company based in London, UK.

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Little Troop was initially brought on to overhaul the Lorton Entertainment website, with the project quickly expanding into a re-imagined brand identity for the burgeoning production company.

As part of the re-brand Little Troop was comissioned to animate the new brand identity for the company sting.

The new Lorton identity system needed to give the company more color and character whilst harmoniously becoming a wrapper for their growing collection of documentary film and television projects. An editorial serif typeface and straightforward sans-serif were paired together with a fuzzy blue primary to give the company an ownable look.


As a content-driven company, Little Troop designed Lorton's website to be sharply focused around presenting its content front and center. Film trailers are interspersed throughout the site as thumbnails that drawer the user in to explore.

Design and animation support Pauline Esguerra

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